The Alliance cleans up oil spill outside BP Melbourne HQ

Today, members of the Great Australian Bight Alliance are taking action outside BP’s Australian Head Office to demonstrate our shared concern about the risky deepwater oil drilling BP Development’s Australia is proposing to undertake in the Great Australian Bight. On the other side of the world later today there will also be a protest at BP's  plans for the Bight have also been targeted by two recent protests in London calling for the British Museum to end its BP sponsorship deal.



The Great Australian Bight is a pristine ocean environment and a globally important habitat for endangered marine mammals such as southern right whales and Australian sea lions.  Most of the marine species that live in the Bight live nowhere else on earth.


We have formed this Alliance to bring together the tens of thousands of Australians who believe we cannot let BP, or any other oil company, risk our Great Australian Bight and the communities and industries that rely on its clean and abundant waters.


We simply cannot risk an oil spill here - the Bight is not the right place for oil and petroleum exploration or production.


Last year, BP publicly backed an effective agreement to tackle climate change made at the United Nations Conference of Parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change (COP21).  This was an important public statement.  It is critical that we all commit to the action required to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.  We are however very concerned that BP’s plans to open up a high-cost, frontier fossil fuel basin in the Bight are deeply inconsistent with a safe climate future.