Ocean Sprites fight for the Bight

Sea Shepherd and The Wilderness Society as part of the Great Australian Bight Alliance stood together in the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Parade to highlight the campaign to protect the Great Australian Bight from the oil industry. The coastal towns of southern Australia have much at stake in this fight to keep our beaches and ocean clean, birds and animals safe, businesses thriving and coastal way of life preserved.



In a creative piece of street theatre, 40 passionate Bight champions dressed as “ocean sprites” and whale guardians danced and carried our multi-coloured geometric baby Southern Right Whale down North terrace. The group was a hit with parade goers, as we handed out information about our fringe events that will raise money for the Great Australian Bight campaign.

Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make our fringe parade piece a feast of colour, movement and fun!

Check out some of the photos from the event