About the Alliance

Founding members of the Alliance:

  • Mirning Traditional Owners represented by Uncle Bunna Lawrie, Elder & Songman

  • Clean Bight Alliance Australia (West Coast SA) represented by Breony Carbines

  • Oil Free Seas - Australia represented by Sharon Zealand and Linda Irwin

  • Sea  Shepherd Adelaide Chapter represented by Geoff Cann

  • Sea  Shepherd Australia represented by Jeff Hansen

  • Surfrider Foundation Australia represented by Brendan Donohue

  • The Wilderness Society South Australia represented by Peter Owen

New members:

  • Sea Shepherd UK
  • Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • Bob Brown Foundation
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition
  • SEED - Australia's first Indigenous Youth Climate Coalition

Why we’re working together to fight for the Bight:

Just five years ago, one of the worst oil spill disasters in history shocked the world when BP's undersea oil drill rig, Deepwater Horizon, exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Now Big Oil has its sights set on Australia.

Tragically, 11 workers lost their lives and for 87 days, oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of animals died and local fishing and tourism industries collapsed.

Here in Australia seven years later, Big Oil plans to drill deepwater wells in the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight.

The Great Australian Bight is home to one of the world’s most important southern right whale nurseries and communities depend on its healthy fisheries and clean coastlines not just for recreation, but for their livelihoods.

It’s a unique place where over 85 per cent of known marine species are found nowhere else in the world.

If Big oil companies get their way, this previously untouched ocean will be just one mistake away from turning into our own Gulf of Mexico disaster.

In 2016 the Wilderness Society South Australia commissioned an independent expert to model potential spill scenarios.

The results are in: the impact of a spill would be far-reaching and devastating.

We can’t afford to let Big Oil take such a big risk. The damage is irreversible.